Happy Families…

Hi Sublime Bulldogs,
Thank you very much for my new bully. He is the centre of our world now. It is amazing that it has only been two days. We can see how adapted he is already, and is learning by leaps and bounds daily. He was in this afternoon for his checkup and is in excellent health. I have him booked in for his 12 week shots on the 21st. His vet is very impressed with the records and vaccination schedule you have provided, and you have my word that I will continue the great care that you have obviously shown him. Thanks again

Dear Sublime Bulldogs,
Again we have to say thank you for copper, what an awesome puppy/ Dover know we will be enjoying him for years to come. With all the stresses of having 5 special needs children and running our own business he has made us smile and laugh again. It is just what the “doctor” ordered. Again thank you for all of your help, and for letting us get such a wonderful puppy/dog. We will recommend anyone looking for a bulldog to contact you for one. We have already given out about 5-10 of your cards.
Again thank you.
Nancy and Family

I just want to send you a quick email for a little update for Marley!!! She went for her 12 week vaccinations today!! She is very healthy! Marley is doing really good in our home and is loved and played with tons!! She is stubborn about a few things but I already have a trainer coming into our home working with us!. Marley loves belly rubs and loves sun tanning in the sun! She is so special to our family and I just want to tell you how thankful I am to have such a great puppy!!


We are very pleased with our new addition to our family, our new bulldog Wrigley! After much research and inquiry of bulldog breeders we decided to reach out to Sublime Bulldogs. All questions, concerns and additional information about the breed was provided, thoroughly and timely. After speaking with Sublime Bulldogs it became clear that Sublime Bullies was the way to go!We have had Wrigley now for 4 months and we couldn’t be happier. Wrigley is a very happy and extremely friendly bulldog. He greats us every morning with snorts and kisses! He loves meeting new dogs and grabbing the attention of others when out on walks. Wrigley loves to be active and is admired by everyone who meets him.We cannot count the amount of times we have gotten compliments on Wrigley about how beautiful he is and their inquiry about where we got him. Thank you again Sublime Bullies. We could not be more pleased!
We highly recommend Sublime Bulldogs to those of you who are looking!
Marc and Kathryn

We just wanted to write and say Thank You for everything! We love our new Puppy! She is so good with the kids, has been eating well and has done perfect on her potty training. Bridget (Ginger) spent the whole day yesterday playing with the kids and exploring her new home. We has planned to have her sleep at night in her crate, but she spent the night sleeping in bed with us. I (Joel) am especially happy to have someone in the house who snores louder than me!
Ellington Family


Bogee turned 4 months this week, and he is so adorable. We are so impressed by the work you do because his personality is wonderful! He loves to play with us. We walk each day with our dogs, and he loves to walk down the block to see all of our neighbors. He has bonded so well with our pug. He follows our pug on our walks. After four weeks of sleeping in their own crates, both of them decided they wanted to sleep together! And they whine if they can’t cuddle with each other. Our vet is impressed. He works quite a bit with bulldogs, and because of Bogee, he is going to recommend you to others who want a French bulldog. Thank you so much for having a dream and doing it well. You have brought so much happiness to our family, including our pug!
Joyce & Kelly

Sublime Bullies does a great! We picked up a happy, healthy bulldog puppy about four months ago, and we absolutely love her. Sublime Bullies is a very responsible breeder, who cares about the long-term health of the breed and clearly loves all his dogs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get another dog.
Sarah & Victor



Heather and I own a 6 month old male English Bulldog named Hercules, we went through literally 25+ breeders in 15 states trying to find a reputable breeder to get our male a female. At Sublime Bulldogs they breed their dogs in such special ways you feel as if you getting a new child not a dog from the family. Before you can ask a question they already have it answered. Family oriented professional and very clean. We bought Rewie *aka Riley her new name*. Great temperament beautiful color and very healthy. If you want just a bulldog dont buy from them. If you want a new family member give them a call. Out of 25+ breeders they stood far above the rest and we know our Bulldogs. It is the first and definitely wont be the last Bulldog baby we add to our family from them.
Sincerely, Extended Family / Bulldog owner Nick and Heather

Just wanted to let you know Keady (Savannah) is doing great. We took her to the vet last Friday and everything looks good. We forgot to take a stool sample with us, but Keady was sure to provide them with a fresh one on the exam room floor. Other than that, the housetraining is going well, mistakes are few and far between. She’s made some friends with other dogs in the neighborhood. In fact, our neighbors have a 6 month old golden retriever that runs over to our fence to look for her any time they take her out. If we’re out there with Keady, they run back and forth until they have to drag the retriever away. Well, here is a pic from last week with the girls. Thanks again and talk to you soon,
Brent & Susan


Sublime Bullies is the absolute best French bulldog breeder there is out there! He will do anything for the love of all of his puppies. He not only will give you a wonderful, happy and healthy little bundle of joy but will continue to help you and keep up good communication with you throughout the entire time. He is always there anytime day or night to help! My Winston is such a little ham and everyone loves him at first sight!



I really enjoyed the experience of purchasing a bulldog from Sublime Bullies. Prior to the sale, Sublime Bullies took the time to educate me on the breed, ensuring a good match. He even introduced us (via phone) to a previous customer in our area. We also visited our puppy, Newman, at around 4 weeks of age. Sublime Bullies took the time to introduce mom and dad, and we enjoyed seeing where Newman was living and how he was being cared for. Sublime Bullies even provided us with a book on the breed to read and help prepare us for our puppy’s homecoming. When we picked up Newman, he was happy, healthy, and ready to come home. After bringing him home, Mike made himself available to discuss “transition” issues as Newman settled in and acclimated to his new home. Overall…a very positive experience…
– Linda, Alex, Presley and Newman

We have gotten two Bullies from The Sublime Bulldogs in 2012. We knew what to look for in an English Bulldog. We had two previous Bullies that have passed on. Sublime Bulldogs has bred the best of the best! . great eyes, color, coats ,legs, and superior temperament. If you ever need any info, Sublime Bulldogs is always there for You. He’s like having your own Bulldog Guru, he knows the bred! We couldn’t have ask for such a helpful, informative, Breeder. When you get a Sublime Bulldog Puppy, you’re getting the best of the Best, and that’s very rare in a breeder. His door is always open to you before & after the Sale.
Kellers Family


I’ve always wanted an English Bulldog. When my husband said he was going to get one for me for my birthday. I was so excited. I researched for a local breeder. Sublime Bulldogs seemed the best choice. We set up an appointment as soon as possible. I wanted to meet the breeder before I committed, after all, they are a bit of an “investment.” But worth every dime!. Meeting the Sublime Bulldogs family was great. They made you feel like family. They invited us in a few days after their youngest daughter was born. I was completely satisfied. This was the breeder I was going to work with. I was able to choose one right away. It was very difficult. I wanted to take them all. I was able to meet both parents, I would have taken them too! You could see these bullies were all loved. And that they were family also. Sublime Bulldogs allowed my family to come and visit when ever we wanted. During those visits, they gave us plenty of information. Everything from food, treats, toys and the carefree attitude that bullies can have. I was told to call when ever I needed. Which I found to be useful after we brought Shorty home. I, have now fallen in love with this breed completely. Sublime Bulldogs have been great. They have showed me the love they have for the breed. I will definitely be seeing them again. They treat all their bullies as family. New and old. Yes, they are breeders but I never had the feeling they didn’t love what they are doing.
~Shorty’s mom~

We had a wonderful experience with Sublime Bulldogs , very knowledgeable of the breed. we have the greatest Frenchie puppy. we love so much!!! would definitely buy another puppy from Sublime Bulldogs.
The Johnsons Family




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